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Originally Posted by titan View Post
If that's the case my guess is we open with an AFC West opponent at home. Probably San Diego (return of Mike McCoy) or KC (Andy Reid's debut). The NFL likes to put an AFC West matchup in that game 2 MNF opener (we've been matched with Oakland twice, last year it was the Chargers/Raiders, and the Chargers/Chiefs played another year in that game)
Well its mainly due to the West teams making the most sense for a double monday night game, seeing as how late the game would start and end in other time zones.
Frankly isn't it time for the NFC West to start taking up those 2nd monday night games? I kinda hate being the 2nd monday night game.

Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
Angelo is dick and refuse to move his sorry ass team's game. Like the Orioles will be playing for anything in September.
Its actually not Angelo, its MLB and the MLBPA. The night before, both the Orioles and White Sox have night games, arrive late/early the next day. Its ridiculous to force the players and coaches to have such a quick turnaround and play early on Thursday. Angelo has no say in this, and I don't blame the MLB for telling the NFL no. I mean, why can't Baltimore open at home on Sunday night? Stop having so many freakin traditions that seem unbreakable, like the defending champion has to open on the thursday night game.
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