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I really like the last two selections. Alot.

Hodges was my #2 remaining prospect. I think he goes in the 3rd Round of the real draft. Really a phenominal LB several years running at Linebacker U. He reminds me a lot of Daryl Washington, whom is ALL-PRO caliber ILB in Arizona's 34 defense. I think this is a great fit as a 3 down ILB in Baltimore's defense, effectively replacing Ray Lewis, at least in terms of snaps. I think Hodges would have been great in any scheme and probably should have come off the board much earlier. I like that by playing the JACK role inside, he still gets to freelance and play in space, but his lack of elite speed is hidden much better than if he was at WILL in a 43.

Andre Ellington was my#5 remaining prospect. He's going to go much higher than this once he gets healthy and works out. He's pretty electric. He can chip in on kick returns as well.

Both of these were incredible draft values in my book.
Your too kind Eric DeCosta.
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