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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
I find it interesting that preparing one's family is considered "strange" or "sad".

For my family farming has been a way of life for many generations. Extra food, ammo etc is just a part of life. They survived the forced starvation in Ukraine, Hitler's blitzkrig ripped through my families village, later the russians ripped through. Most of them survived all of it by being prepared.

I'm not saying Americans need to prepare for a ground invasion or the zombies but most people don't even have so much as a tomato plant in their yard or even know how to sweat a copper pipe if they need to fix their own plumbing. Hell I had friends on Facebook who were without any clean water for their families when the east coast flood happened. There was a weeks worth of warnings yet they didn't even have an extra 5 gallons of water? stupid!

As far as gold and Ammo Denver Brit. Are you really happy you did not buy $300 gold or maybe even $900 gold?

Is it really crazy to have a big stack of Ammo considering it's double and even tripled in price?

Now I don't agree with baja's lizzard people theory but all indications are there is a currency crisis on the horizon. You can either hedge yourself against it or not. Don't agree with Baja on the stability of Mexico either. It was a tough state of affairs down there. A much more noticeable "police state". Had to drive through numerous check points and was basically interrogated several times. It was complete BS!

Perhaps you have nothing to lose. If you don't I can understand why you wouldn't be paying attention.
Good post.

I learned about getting ready way back when I was a boy scout. Our motto was "be prepared"

The clowns on this board will be sucking air when the shyte hits the fan. No one knows when -- but the writing is on the wall.

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