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Originally Posted by Bronco X View Post
Sounds like hipster contrarianism to me, but if you post a link I'd give it a fair read. Anyway I generally don't look to fellas with a Ph.D in economics as an expert on nutrition. I'm fairly certain Eric Schlosser would kill him in a debate on the subject.
I always find Levitt's stuff interesting. You can label him but he uses economics, a social science, to look at social issues as opposed to just monetary issues. He is also a professor of economics at the premier economics school in the country at the University of Chicago. When I taught economics I used his stuff for enrichment and had several students go on to major in economics because of our study of Freakenomics. There is a free course guide and curriculum for the book. Much of their stuff is controversial and provocative but a fun read nonetheless.

I could not find the article on the Freakenomics blog. I found a post by Dubner, Freakenomics coauther, that a read makes the claim, sort of.

There are also plenty of economical arguements for vegetarians too.

As for a Schlosser Levitt debate....that would be interesting. Levitt has been attacked by realtors, police, politicians, etc. He is an intelligent guy too, and can make very compelling arguements. Don't discount him.

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