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Well I like Green Chili.... and Stink's is pretty good.

Papa John's is pretty ****ty food. Their wings taste like styrofoam.... so does the pizza. The best part about it is the Pepperoncini is comes with. But it's overpriced... and if I'm in a "garbage loading" mood, for my money, Little Ceasar's beats Papa John's every time.

Coors to me just tastes like water... I'll stick to Fat Tire, Odell 90 Schilling, Santa Fe Camper, or Ranger IPA .... or Kwak, Delerium, or Rochefort Trappistes 8 when I'm in Europe.

With so many great beers out there, ain't nobody got time for **** beer like Coors and Bud. (PBR was okay in college, lol.)
I can understand that every beer topic has an ipa beer snob but little ceasars is better than papa johns?
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