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Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
Lets clear some things up here:

Yes Hickenlooper is friends with the probable killers father. The kid was not paroled early or given any special treatment really. He served his full sentence and was released.

During that sentence he was held in solitary confinement for basically the entire term. His father believed (before these killings) that it had led to real degeneration in his mental state. Hickenlooper even referenced it in the press conference he gave after the commissioner was murdered.

Lets keep our facts straight please.
Who has their fact wrong? I never said he paroled him early.

In fact it is even weirder in the press conference about the prisoner officials murder, the Governor indirectly referenced the accused murder. In that he hired the official because he was known to reduce the amount of solitary confinement used in prisons.. Something that was reportedly driving the accused killer insane while in prison. All Hickenlooper tried to do was help.

Again, who has their facts wrong? No one said Hickenlooper got this guy out early. Edit: never mind I see the reference in the OP

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