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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
you just confused the hell out of me, got a link from someone who can actually write in a way that I can understand what you are talking about?
A few years ago (edit: 2006) a Saudi man from a wealthy influential family was convicted of enslavement and sexual assault for keeping his house cleaner trapped for a long period of time.

He gets life in prison in Colorado and his rich parents try to get him shipped to Saudi to finish his sentence. He is repeatedly declined transfer because they know he will be granted freedom because of rich daddy.

Fast forward to a year ago and the appointment of the new head of corrections for the state of Colorado. A respected and fair man, known for reforming and streamlining prisons.

Now fast forward again to last week and someone shoots this awesome head of prisons in the front porch of his house. A manhunt ensues and protection for the Governor is increased. That last part is interesting, they quickly beefed up security for him.

News quickly broke that there may be a tie between this Saudi prisoner and the murder of the prison commish. You see, not but a few weeks ago he denied another transfer request because the prisoner had refused to do mandatory sexual predator counseling as ordered by court. Apparently this transfer request is frequent and the rich daddy in Saudi Arabia is constantly putting pressure on e government to make the transfer happen.

The day before this commissioner was murdered, some poor pizza guy got sent on a delivery to a vacant lot, where he ended up being murdered. A seemingly unrelated murder. Yet when the high speed chase resulted in this murderer being killed in Texas pieces started to come together that this guy was the one who murdered the pizza guy. The car he was driving was the same reported in e area when prison commish was killed.

So how does this all get tied together like some movie script? It turns out when Hickenlooper was a geologist he became close friends with a rich Boulder attorney. Who happens to be the father of the man accused of killing pizza guy and possibly the commissioner of prisoners. The commissioner who was appointed by Hickenlooper, who is friends with the dad of the guy who killed the commissioner.

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