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Originally Posted by tesnyde View Post
This is one intriguing story...exec director of corrections who was directly recruited by the governor is suspected of being killed by guy who killed a pizza delivery guy in order to disguise himself to get exec to answer the door. Killer is linked to a prison white supremacist group. Suspicion is a shock caller called for the hit placed by a Saudi denied a request to serve sentence in home country. Killer gets in a shoot out and killed in Texas after a high speed chase and shooting an officer. Turns out the governor is friends of the killer's dad who is a Boulder lawyer and governor is questioned if he paroled killer early because of relationship with dad. Sounds like Hollywood but its not. Stay tuned...this is getting very interesting.
you just confused the hell out of me, got a link from someone who can actually write in a way that I can understand what you are talking about?
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