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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post

Seriously...this is amazing news. It reminds me of the last scene in Apollo 13 where for a moment they thought the astronauts had burnt up in the atmosphere but the little pod actually came thru and all was well and everyone was cheering.......except this signing was better.

If I wasn't posting by phone at work id post that Kermit the frog masterbating GIF. Quick someone post it.

Seriously DJ reunited with Jay? That's epic. Now Briggs needs to recognize....and give up his number. There's a new sheriff in town Lance....and you're not him.
Blasphemy! I could totally see the parallel but it is not better.

I do wonder if DJ is going to car pool with Briggs.

I actually like what Tressman(sp?) has done so far, duh bears have been so hard to root for with idiots like Urlacker on the team. I think Tressman can make enough smart moves to compete in their conference but they are still a way off from beating a team like San Fran or even Seattle without a lot of luck.
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