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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Where do you think the Broncos want to use Moore? On the outside as rush LB? I find that highly unlikely.
Not at middle linebacker. He can play either place outside and lines up on the line a lot.

I don't agree with your post. I think Moore would be outstanding as a half-field LB, which is exactly how the Broncos envision using him.
Don't agree with what? He isn't an ILB. Why do you think the Broncos would use him at MIKE when he has spent his whole collegiate career on the outside? I just watched all his defensive snaps against Temple and Louisville and he was doing what Von does down on the line a majority of the time, but also had extensive play off right side of the defensive formation.

When he is in pass coverage, he performs quite well. However, he is not an ILB and his best strength is getting after the passer. Trevardo Williams (Elvis Dumervil) and Sio Moore (Von Dumervil). Do you get what I am saying? He is not a MIKE candidate.

And how the hell would you know how the Broncos want to use him? You mean at a position he didn't play?
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