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Originally Posted by Quoydogs View Post
what was the Bigger invention ?





Little board and arguing with the wife. Help a fella out.
define "bigger". All three, very important and had major impact on the world, especially in the free markets. But you can't really say one has had a bigger overall effect on today's world than the other, it's too complicated to boil it down to one argument.

The train had a huge effect on the growth of the west post industrialization. The train's past effect on economic growth, urbanization and prosperity is much greater than it is today, although today it's still very effective for transporting goods across terra.

The car has profoundly affected the economic growth of western society, especially in 'merica. It can be argued that it helped build the entire middle class in American into the economic force that it now is. The car really changed the American dynamic.

The plane is huge too. It has allowed the mass transportation of people over the entire planet. What used to take days or weeks now takes hours when traveling. This is huge. The plane shrunk the world.

All different, all extremely profound in their overall affect on modern society.
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