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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Yes and here's why. Most of the time when a defender is hitting a RB he's expecting the contact. Alot of the hits RB's and WR's used to take from defenders that used the crown, they did not see them, they could be coming from all sorts of angles. Not to mention there is only one ball carrier and many defenders. I'm sorry but if your a defender running up to a ball carrier and you get your dome rocked, you suck. Either hit him lower or adjust your approach to where you can make contact at a slight angle rather then head on.

This rule sucks. I can see in 20 years the NFL will be the NFFL - the National Flag Football League, hahaha.
You make an excellent point. This rule will change the game. That being said, I remember playing middle linebacker as a kid and having my bell rung over and over by a huge full back leading with the crown of his helmut. I couldn't get low enough. He would pratically dive into the ground. The kid was illegal to boot, since he was over weight and age for the league. Several games later he had to change leagues. So I can relate to defensive players.

There are two valid sides to this issue.
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