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Naive? I await the day you come up with something that has anything to do with the issue, but I have little hope it will ever happen. The U.S. was in control of the Saudi oil fields before Germany invaded Poland. And no, the Arabs would not have "preferred" the Germans. Why? Because the Germans were allied with the Ottoman Empire with whom the Arabs were fighting a ****ing war. Jesus. Haven't you ever seen Lawrence of Arabia? Like I keep telling you, sometimes it's better to just remain silent.
Lolz. I guess when you said "The 30's" you really only meant 1939. BTW, oil wasn't even really discovered in Saudi Arabia until 1938. There was no meaningful production there in "The 30's" But more importantly, Arabs aren't confined to Saudi Arabia. Middle Eastern Oil was first brought online around the Persian gulf.

As for the rest of your "history" lesson, you need to go back and read up. The German/Ottoman alliance was more one of convenience than anything. But your real problem is that that was World War I era, as was the Arab Revolt... and again you're talking about the 1930's. The Ottoman Empire no longer existed by then.

The idea that Arab's wouldn't have tolerated German masters just as happily (if not more so) than Anglo-American ones is laughable. To a rational person, we were the far lesser of two evils.

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