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I live in the suburburbs of Chicago. it is about 7 minutes to drive to the train station down town. I usually take the train when I go downtown as the commute down there is usually 50-80 minutes. At my last job it took me 35 minutes to get to. The job before that I lived 35 miles away but thanks to being close to highways and tollways I could do it in 45 minutes.

I am saying without cars we would be living closer to other options all the car did was spread us out over greater distances. Funny thing is I bet 90% of us live in subdivisions and have access to some sort of bus and rail system for transportation, even in the age of the 2 car garage.

No subways trains where I am. There's a bus option but that falls in the car catagory.

Gotta run. Good talkin with ya Steven.
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