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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
I love how I'm getting bashed for my opinion.

Typical mane.
Your opinion is naive and short-sighted.

Plenty of modern countries do extremely well and that is without having the # of cars we do.

Of course, when you have a country who feels obligated to bail out the auto industry (who has played a huge role in politics since it's inception) **** is going to hit the fan if something ever stopped.

We are a highly individualistic, me first society. I'm sure most people would but up **** creek without a paddle absent a vehicle, but there are plenty of us who wouldn't be. Myself included. I do just fine without one and always have. If I wanted to go out and buy myself a car today, I could. With the price of gas, insurance, etc. Waste of cash. $40 a month public transit or riding bike or walking does just fine.

And BTW, I don't live in a huge city.
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