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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
A train does not give a human freedom to go anywhere they want like a car does. You call that a luxury I call that a necessity.
That is the biggest load of crap. The entire world was dominated by Europeans without the use of cars - but that wouldn't have happened without the train. Look at how the Romans, Mongols and Macedonian empires crumbled because they couldn't transport people and materials in mass over large distances - on the other hand you have the British empire which dwarfed those 3 even if you added them together and it was all built on the back of being able to move men and material via ship and railroad.

The car is an upgrade over the horse, but the car changed nothing.

All of these cities reached at least 1 million citizens before the car was invented:

1. Rome(Italy)-133 B.C.
2. Alexandria(Egypt)-30 B.C.
3. Angkor(Cambodia)-900
4. Hangzhou(China)-1200
5. London(UK)-1810
6. Paris(France)-1850
7. Beijing(China)-1855
8. Guangzhou(China)-1860
9. Berlin(Germany)-1870
10. Manhattan-1874

The car had nothing to do with urbanization.
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