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You understand how products are moved around the country and the world right? It is cheaper, easier and cleaner to put shipping containers on flat beds and haul them by train to the local area and have trucks get the product to the last mile.

The reason there are less rail lines is because it is more efficent, you can haul more people and product on a set of rails than can be moved on a highway.

Most of us could do without cars, especially in the urban/suburban areas.

Cars are a luxury that serves a purpose.

Rail lines are the backbone of the country. There is a reason Berkshire Hathaway is one of the biggest companies in the world.

A train does not give a human freedom to go anywhere they want like a car does. You call that a luxury I call that a necessity.

All I'm saying is you take the car away from society today and its armaggedon. There's a reason wars are started because of oil. Think about it. Take every car off the road in America. How long does it survive.

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