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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
This is a pretty naive reading of history. You do realize at that point it was either us (with the British) or the Germans don't you? Many Arabs might've preferred Germany, for obvious reasons.

Guess we should've just let N Africa and the middle east orbit the Axis instead. That would've fixed everything, in a "final solution" sense.
Naive? I await the day you come up with something that has anything to do with the issue, but I have little hope it will ever happen. The U.S. was in control of the Saudi oil fields before Germany invaded Poland. And no, the Arabs would not have "preferred" the Germans. Why? Because the Germans were allied with the Ottoman Empire with whom the Arabs were fighting a ****ing war. Jesus. Haven't you ever seen Lawrence of Arabia? Like I keep telling you, sometimes it's better to just remain silent.

When we overthrew Mossadeq in Iran were we trying to keep the oil away from the Germans? Or is it because he nationalized the oil companies? And who are Britain and the U.S. to tell some country they can't nationalize their own resources? You know who we did that for? BP. The same ****ers who just destroyed the Gulf Coast.
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