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Originally Posted by Quoydogs View Post
See I think it was the car. I understand that train started it but you can live without those. Use diesels if need be for transportation.

Planes are fast and fly but you can live without them too.

Cars and trucks though, you just can't live without them anymore.
Tell that to people who live in big cities and have no need for them. Less than 10% of the world owns an automobile, with 1/4 of the total cars in the world being here in the United States.

Do you think that cars are able to ship all the products we consume on a daily basis at the same effective rate as trains, etc.? No way.

I would rank cars dead last out of the three and would even rate the advent of the canal and naval systems higher.

On a personal level, now some, yeah a car would probably be the most "important" to the individual. Holistically, on the grand scheme of things, not even close.
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