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just because some lady says that is what she wants to do doesn't mean anything. The government is never going to overturn the 2nd amendment. You could be paranoid for the both of us if that makes you feel better. I know it has no chance of happening.
If I recall, Feinstein is the broad that was busted for carrying a concealed weapon - but no worries - she was never prosecuted. After all - she is important (at least in some folks' eyes)......

Look, it's really not terribly hard too understand here...The "so-called" politicians in Denver are doing the usual "knee-jerk" response that politicians ALWAYS do. Are they holding the so called "mental health" professionals that allowed these monsters to walk among you accountable? Of course not.

It's only my opinion, but if we begin to hold these "doctors" responsible for not reporting these whackadoodles to the authorities, hell, put some of these "doctors" in prison - we will see these mass shootings begin to wind down

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