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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Bigger and more important invention for whom? If we are talking about impacts on the American dynamic, it is undoubtedly the train. If it weren't for the railway system being developed in the United States, Westward expansion would not have even been remotely possible or journeys that way sustainable. Towns that had railway systems back when they developed prospered, those that didn't faded away. Trains could carry a ridiculous amount more than wagons, whether it be farming resources or water, as well as materials and creature comforts to help build a foundation in the West. Even though they were still subject to attack, they weren't nearly as vulnerable as horse drawn wagons, etc. It also made economic expansion absolutely boom. Trains allowed for us to ship agricultural products on the Western Front that weren't readily available out east with relative ease. It literally connected everything in this country and they still play an important role in the aforementioned today. Trains are ****ing AWESOME. TRAINS WIN.
There was just as big an impact in England and Ireland as trains allowed coal fields to get their product to ports in larger quantities as well as fuel the industrial revolution with manufacturing and textile mills.
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