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I think trading down is the best option you could still get a top 2 OT and pick up some picks. I would be surprised to see anyone give a 2nd for a guy who has a history of back issues. Maybe someone offers a low pick this year and a comp pick next year?

Still cracks me up that Reid locked up Bowie for big money when there was a large quality FA class of WR's available. At some point they are going to need to start addressing the positions they have less than average players at and upgrading those.
I don't get your logic here broncosteven. What WR should the Chiefs have signed instead of Bowe?

Percy Harvin is a nutcase cancer to any team, Greg Jennings is coming off a major injury that sidelined him most of last year, the Dolphins threw the house at Mike Wallace, Wes Welker is old and not an outside WR (his strength is in the slot on the inside).

Bowe is in the top 20 WR's all time for receiving yards in 6 seasons played. He's been a 1,000 caliber WR his entire career and look at what QB's he's been given?

Signing him was a great move and a must. Plus this draft is extremely deep with talented WR's. There's about 12-14 WR's who could really make an impact on a team this year.
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