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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
The whole world was an oil stage at that point in history. Everyone understood the implications. I'm not saying we went in with the noblest intentions simply to prevent the Germans from having it. I'm saying if it wasn't us, it would've been someone else (Germany) and the implications could have been far more disastrous than the realities we live with today.
The Germans never had it in the first place. And how would it have been more disastrous if Germany would have got it? The Arabs would have done the same thing they did to Britain and what they did with us. The situation probably remains the same.

And the last lesson anyone should ever draw is that Arabs were just innocent victims in the whole thing, and if only they'd been left alone, world peace would've been achieved by now. This **** goes back to at least the 7th century.
I don't think anyone drew that conclusion, but considering that Eurasia and the Middle East has been the crossroad of humanitarian conflict since before Christ had a crew-cut, it's quite easy to see why the region is in perpetual conflict. The list of reasons goes on forever, but the fact that outside countries have always pissed and meddled in their affairs DOES NOT help.
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