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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
You bring the Asian hotties and a fake state ID for me and I will apply for the medical weed for you libberal kiddies to blow.
I sent a message to my friend today whose parents are season ticket holders. They have tickets in the endzone (114) and by it (118) respectively. Four a piece. They sold them to me for $75 bucks a pop for the Bears game with the Tebow Miracle after Barber III blew it and ran out of bounds . . . and I desperately want to get them for the Redskins game. As soon as his parents get them, I definitely want to swoop them up. I hope they renewed for this year, because it would be nice to go with some friends and give some Maners the opportunity to get good seats at a really affordable price. I had people from Chicago offer me 4-5 times as much as I paid for the four in the endzone, but I said no way because it was my first Broncos game.
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