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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
After reading this I'm convinced that Branden Albert is gone.

I think he's heading to Miami and we'll get their 2nd and possibly another pick in return.
Sounds like kFc is content to tread water and not strengthen their team this year. This will be the 2nd position they addressed but didn't upgrade. Deuwayne Bow and now unloading Albert, who despite never making a Pro Bowl Boob and Sheepstud considered equal or better than Clady.

If you have an LT tagged why not draft another position of need on the OL rather than replace a guy, who if not spectacular, is productive? Don't they need a G, C, G, RT too?

This will be fun watching this play out, too bad kFc didn't still have Pioli and Romeo running this draft that could have been licensed out to Comedy Central for a reality show!
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