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Originally Posted by Dexter View Post
I like this draft, but I hope we add another ILB somewhere in this draft to compete with Johnson, Irving and Bradley. Also, a more serious question,you really think we'd go after another WR after picking up Welker? I wouldn't mind Swope, but I kind of thought that eliminated a WR in the top 3-4 rounds. Nice draft overall though.
1. They may target Te'o in round 1, or Bostic in round 2, but I think they are comfortable in seeing what Irving has in camp. If he sucks, they can always bring back Brooking.
2. Matthew Willis now costs $1.32M per year, and brings nothing to the team. Swope can be that special teams presence (without the high price tag), and gives the Broncos an option if they choose to let Decker walk in 2014. Swope can also learn from Welker (who will only be here a couple years). I also think Tamme will be cut, so Swope will provide a nice alternative in case of injury to any of the top 3 WR's.
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