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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Getting a hug from you Blue, meeting Meck on his bus talking to Tony and Bronx33 before the SD game in 2005. Meeting Hogan and Sassy prior to the Saints game in 2008(?) are among my favorite off line OM memories.

Some crazy dude at the Saints game OM tailgate was grilling stuff and mocking Gene. NOT COOL MAN! NOT COOL!
Did I mock Gene? I know I was grilling and I think we gave Ludo all the extra food to take back to his dorm in Kansas. We were givers. That is when Meck had his own lot and we were the last to leave the tailgate area only to go out that night (but I think I went to Black Hawk to gamble). Good times at that game and I remember the one (or few) crazy Saints fans finding our tailgate.
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