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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
I like Cyprien okay, but Elam is the guy if we are going safety in round 1 (assuming Vaccaro is gone). Made plays all over the field against top competition, and can play in the box or cover in the slot. And don't let Req tell you any different
Sure hope not, considering various scouts in attendance at Florida's pro day think that Evans has been the superior S for the Gators the past two years. Bob Sanders was way more athletic than Elam and never was able to hold up at SS because he was too small.

He was also better was a collegiate player than Elam ever was and he wasn't a first-round prospect. The guy was next-level on his mentality and dedication to the game. I don't think that can be said about Elam and that is easily demonstrated with his poor tackling form and over aggressive pursuit of plays. He also plays stupid and rather than breaking on the ball and making the proper lead, is slow to the play and gets flagged for trying to knock someone out. That isn't going to fly in the NFL.

If he is there in the second. Grab him. But he is far from a Top 32 talent in this class. You don't spend top picks on guys who are going to be relegated at their best in the box and have an awfully hard time grasping responsibilities in Man Under or two deep coverage -- which we roll out with a lot. That is why I have a much higher grade on Cyprien, because not only does he play man well, but doesn't neglect or misread assignments when playing his deep zone. Saw it happen against LSU, Tennessee and FSU with Elam.

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