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Except the U.S. and British involvement in the Middle East for oil had very little to do with not allowing the Axis powers to get it. That just happened to be a consequence of the geopolitics during World War II because the Nazi's wanted to restrict Soviet access to oil in the Caucuses because it would hinder any move they could make into Europe. It would be very hard to argue given historical facts that Germany ever had an interest on monopolizing Middle Eastern oil like we or Britain did.

The alliance Germany had with highly-esteemed Arabs and their respective nations was due to mutual interest in uprooting and eradicating Jews. The Arabs weren't interested in Germany having free-for-all access to their resources, nor would they ever let them. There are various instances throughout this time frame that illustrate that point emphatically. They went with the Axis because of the old reliable, "The enemy of the enemy is your friend."

Instead of being greedy, the United States should have learned from the British failure in the Middle East and Asia and just stayed the heck away. It is of no surprise, that we are targeting the exact same geographic regions the country that the founding fathers all abandoned. Funny how **** works. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
The whole world was an oil stage at that point in history. Everyone understood the implications. I'm not saying we went in with the noblest intentions simply to prevent the Germans from having it. I'm saying if it wasn't us, it would've been someone else (Germany) and the implications could have been far more disastrous than the realities we live with today.

And the last lesson anyone should ever draw is that Arabs were just innocent victims in the whole thing, and if only they'd been left alone, world peace would've been achieved by now. This **** goes back to at least the 7th century.
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