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He is a versatile guy. He can play his deep zone, man-on-man defenders in the slot or cover the TE. He is also great in run support. Mike Adams contract is done after this year and David Bruton is a reserve guy. I'm not sure what the future holds for Quinton Carter. Why do you assume that he is going to be told to do a lot right away? Moore is the guy on the back end of our defense that has more roaming ability. The center-fielder, the "ballhawk" type guy -- or at least that is what we are hoping. Cyprien isn't that guy, never was in college. He is the logical guy you want to have at the position because his play will likely allow Moore to do more things. His assignments aren't going to be complex. He is the type of smart, mentally sound player you want across from a guy like Moore. He is so fundamentally sound, I don't worry about him blowing things on the back end. Every NFL rookie has to make the transition to NFL game speed. Cyprien isn't alone in that. I honestly think he is one of our best options available and if he doesn't start immediately, he would in his second year. If there is a question about Cyprien, it is game speed. However, he compensates that with mentally diagnosing plays better than any other safety in this draft. We would be very lucky to have him.
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