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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
If the Broncos want Brown, they gotta use their first or they do not have a shot. I'm guessing one of Minter, Brown and T'eo will be available at #28, however I wouldn't be surprised if teams move up to get them ahead of us. I still really like Kevin Reddick for this team. He has his flaws, but they can be corrected. I just wonder if he will ever take the next step mentally to become an elite player. Makes a ton of plays behind the LOS and can cover.

(1) Johnathan Cyprien, S
(2) Le'Veon Bell, RB
(3) Kevin Reddick, ILB
(4) Cobi Hamilton, WR
(5) Quanterus Smith, DE
(7) Dustin Hopkins, K

Just off the top of my head, a draft I would really like. I think that LB, RB, S should be addressed first because those are positions where rookies can play right away and make an impact. I would still like to add another DT, but I'm not sure we will after re-upping Vickerson and getting Knighton. You could swap out Smith @ DE and put in a guy like Geathers from Georgia at 5.

Golden Foot, obligatory Seminole pick.

Would hope if our first round board is gone (like it was last year) that we trade down with a team who wants a QB like EJ Manuel and get another pick. Denver didn't get any value at all trading down last year (and what they did, they used it to move back up and get Hillman) so whatever.

Denver needs to get better value if they trade down and KEEP IT. . . unless they get a baller.
I like Cypiren's attitude, aggressiveness, and skill, but I have a feeling he's a guy that's gonna have a lot of growing pains if asked to do too much. Might be good at big nickel though right away?
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