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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Like he explains in the video, culture doesn't matter. Japan and Sweden are about as different as can be, as he points out, and reach a more balanced economy in completely different ways. It's strictly the economics. The most unequal societies (U.S. being the worst in the world) have the most societal issues across the board, from violence, to suicide, to mental illness, etc etc. It's just the numbers.
He washes over culture like it doesn't matter but the fact is America is dealing with much more diversity than Japan and Sweden, the only other nation he keeps pointing at as failing is the UK and the UK is pretty diverse too. He's talking about poverty being the key issue, yes? That is, the poor simply don't do as well as the affluent. This is not some great revelation! His only angle is that this is the case in modern societies, countries like the USA and UK! Wow, really?? Wow!! What a friggen awesome discovery!!

This guy is not saying anything new. He's not even original.

I contend that in the USA nothing will get better for the poor until the nuclear family is re-enforced and the father remains in the home, raising the kids. Period, end of story. This alone will help a plethora of problems, one of them being wealth. Giving money to the poor because they are poor doesn't help them CHANGE. This has proven to be the case already in the inner cities in the USA where the welfare state has enabled the poor to remain poor.

Sorry Roh, but I disagree with the premis of the video, on at least a few different points.
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