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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
That's not what he's asking.

Here's a more direct way.

Why are people like you, Gaff, PCR, Alex Jones, and the rest so fascinated with the prospect of a global apocalypse?

Or is this just another example of "Oh I'm not rooting for it, I'm just a benevolent prophet trying to save you from yourselves?"
OK I'll answer this one/

First I know what he was getting at.

Second I am not doing anything different than you or anyone else posting. I am trying to "wake you up" to my reality. Who here is not trying to do that very thing.

Finally I admit my motive is somewhat selfish. If we the people do not wake up to the ever tightening grip of those that would control all the rest of us then they will accomplish their goal and the result will be horrid for the rest of us.

I know I will survive just fine in the mountains of Baja but what about the generations to come. There really is a war going on and evil is winning because good is asleep.
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