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Agree with over preparation is key. I periodically have to give status briefs to rooms full of upwards of 40 people and knowing what they will ask and having plans in place to address shortcomings and knowing what the impacts are is key to showing senior leadership that everything is under control. As soon as a little bit of doubt creeps in, it's all over and the doors get blown off. I've seen people get absolutely cut up and killed because they were not prepared and didn't know how to navigate the mine field, so to speak. Or worse, they didn't even know they were stepping into a mine field type situation.

Once you earn people's trust by demonstrating competence and develop an understanding that when you don't know the answer to something you are willing to listen to others who have valid opinions, gather that information, then make an intelligent decision, things get so much easier and people will respect you and be on board with decisions they might not agree with, making your team run better as a solidified unit.

Rugby, very cool that you're working with around 100 properties. Something I will be getting into in the near future.
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