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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Maybe you hysterical gun advocates would fear your government a little less if you controlled it a bit more? That's the other part of the equation the founders set up: We're supposed to be in charge of it. And that predates the second amendment. The government is supposed to be us. If it's not, then why not? That's where your fear should be directed. Instead of arming yourself, why don't you take back your government? You want to know where the war against Islamic terrorism was born? It's the blow-back from actions of the oil companies in the region going back to the '30s. We spilled the blood of Americans in Iraq, and flushed a trillion of our wealth, to benefit oil market stability. You think George Washington would have approved of that?

America's foreign policy is decided by global corporations. They write our trade policies for us. Our energy policy is written by energy corporations. Our health care policy is written by the insurance industry and Big Pharma. Our credit policy is written by bankers. There have been times our representatives didn't even read the bills that were handed to them by their corporate bosses and couldn't even tell you what's in them. Our government represents 1% of the people. It's all there in the numbers. Follow the money.

You can buy all the guns and ammo you can get your hands on, you're never going to outgun an Apache helicopter, or even a simple unmanned drone.
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