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Randall Flagg

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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Yep those damn liberals are the devil for wanting to save a few Obama will want to take all your guns away except for the fact he has never ever even insuated that was his intention.....................

Sorry, but you've lost me here. "Save Lives"?? How so? The Libs have decriminalized pot and have YET to decide if it's legal to drive high but they have the GALL to pass laws that "tax" background checks (code for making the state money).

They told MagPul that they "could continue to build the high capacity magazines, and sell them OUTSIDE the state". So, it's OK for these evil magazines to somehow kill people in OTHER states, just not in Colorado. Hypocrites. For the record, Magazines, regardless of their size, are incapable of killing anyone.

MagPul s leaving the state, rather than bow to the state. Good for them. Unfortunately, not so good for the jobs that they provided the people in Colorado.

In time, Hippielooper will be voted out. The democrats will be voted out.
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