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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
I say WTF to your WTF ....... If you have a seriously bat **** crazy ex wife (who destroyed herself on drugs)....... why would you let her have unsupervised visitation with your son and did you have a criminal background check run on her new husband? Where was your attorney, asleep at the wheel?

God I love this thread.

As to your question pony boy- I had no attorney. Neither did she. Colorado is a woman's state, you'd be surprised, I mean choking on a dick surprised at that crap they will let a mom do and get away with all because she is a mom. In any event we were able to do it without attorneys and no child support so I got that ish done before she changed her mind or wisened up to how the courts rule. (Always in favor of the mom- even if she had no legs and rode I to the courtroom riding the face of the retarded guy from goodies covered in potatoe salad.)
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