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San Diego

Hehe, gotta love the little/big guy story with Gilkey. Maybe you found something there. I know nothing about him. The OL position is so picked over in this draft though, that I suppose if you needed one, now was the time. I probably would have tried to wait on him, I'm not sure anyone else actually had him on the radar this soon. But we'll see. Maybe he'll be a 3rd round pick and you'll look like a genius.

Tampa Bay

I think this is the right range for Knile Davis. There's massive upside here. It's a boom or bust selection, but you're right, that 2010 tape was impressive. Maurice Clarrett got selected in the 3rd Round off tape from a year or two earlier. No reason Davis can't make the 5th here. He was someone I would have considered moving up for in the 6th.

Overall the draft haul was decent. Rhodes looks good. Reid in the second was solid. Collins' draft value was fine, but not sure about his fit in a 43. Faulk I thought was a reach as more of a 4th or 5th round guy, but maybe the way the draft went dictated that. He does have some upside. And I think Davis is fine here. I see a decent draft with quality players.

Jarvis Jones

He and Damontre really **** the bed with these workouts. There is still hope as Terrell Suggs did the same thing and became a great pro. I think the top half of the 1st Round is highly unlikely for both now though.


Have fun on your trip. Deep Sea fishing is my all time favorite love in this world. Trolling for billfish or tuna is pretty fun, I really prefer traditional bottom fishing for grouper/snapper. I could do that every day of my life.
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