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Fear is a lack of preparation.

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Never design a home w/out having a good realtor/appraiser review your plans.

Sell euros every 4 - 6 months...use peaks to recognize sell opportunities.

Name everyone and every entity in your lawsuit.

Play the sportsbook in is the best odds around and fun to exercise your sporting IQ while enjoying a game.

Don't ever buy a home for more than 78% of last list price.

Buy a home within a price range that you can easily lease within 3 years. Lease at 1.3 - 1.5 the amount of your mortgage payment.

Learn or commit to memory important information in the morning - your mind is clear and information easily absorbed.

Get a second opinion before going into surgery.

Call you mom - she's worried about who you've become swearing at that nice man Ray Lewis 2-3 times a year and ON SUNDAYS!
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