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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Kings live and die by the forecheck, and dont have the depth. Too many injuries.
Blues have their janitor as their back-up goalie right now. They have a nice thing goin, but i doubt it lasts.

ANA is loaded. Everywhere. If they stay healthy, its gonna be real hard to beat this team.
Wouldnt suprise me to see CHI drop a bunch of games now.
FTR, I think Anaheim is a great team. Selanne, Beauchemin and Koivu are great veterans to have around the core guys of Perry, Getzlaf and Ryan.

Now (you knew this was coming), I THINK Boudreau has learned from his stint in Washington much like Therien learned from his stint in Pittsburgh, but it remains to be seen come playoff time.

When the pressure was on, Boudreau did not adjust at all against Montreal and began his downfall in DC. Against the Rangers the following year, Jason Arnott had to tell him to calm down.

In Hershey, proud winners of many Calder Cups, a lot of fans were very surprised that a team that plays wide open Boudreau hockey could "win a Cup"

I like Bruce a lot. I think he would be a cool dude to grab a beer with, but he still has to prove he can beat counterattack teams and adjust to what the other team is doing.

Good luck to you this postseason. I will always root for Bruce and I would like to think he has learned from past experiences. It's going to be fun to find out.

edit: Beating LA/MIN/STL type team convincingly in the 1st round would be a big boost for Boudreau. Those teams are likely to try and play counterattack hockey and wait to cash in on mistakes of the O-ffensive Boudreau Ducks.

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