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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I love how you Right Wingers dodge and weave to avoid the truth. Here it is: Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld and Cheney planned to attack Iraq before Dubya even got elected. They USED the terrorist attacks of 911 as a catalyst to spur this country into war under false pretenses. They started planning the war two days after 911 when there was no mention whatsoever of WMDs. American soldiers died for their lies. They committed numerous criminal acts and some of them (Cheney) personally benefited from the war. The oil companies profited. And Iraq is in a shambles. So, not only did they lie us into a war, but then they bungled the war itself.

Obama's drone policy is indefensible. The Syrian policy is an entirely different issue and Obama's hands are tied on Syria. Why? Because Bush ****ed up Iraq so bad that if Obama tried to go into Syria to help the GOP would impeach his ass. But anybody who equates either of those issues with lying the country into war is either an idiot or so blinded by partisanship that it's turned them into a fool.
This all common knowledge or should be by now. Msnbc was nice enough to wrap it up in a nice little documentary that they will be re-airing Friday night (check local listings). Now I know you're scared to receive news from the "other side", cut, but I challenge you to watch it and refute anything hey bring to light. It will be interesting to see what you (or anyone else) can come up with.
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