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The Mc Rib

Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
My favorite memory was probably Elway's HOF weekend. That was a ton of fun. If you've never been to the HOF, plan on going sometime. It's an unforgettable experience.
Originally Posted by missingnumber7 View Post
Best memory of that weekend was Meck putting Broncos bumper stickers on anything that drove by, including the Madden Cruiser and a Canton Police Car.
were those the old school bronco D stickers that I traded for steak and beer ?

I wasnt prepared to tailgate, didnt have any supplies, and Meck and Disco grabbed me and my buddy of the street, took us in, and treated us like family, I joined the site 3 days later when I got home.

I still have a bunch of pics from that weekend, ill scan and post them later, then you guys can tag yourself so ill know who i have and havetn met, im terrible with names.

I remember Meck just because of the buffalo game the next year, where we were playing hockey on the icey parking lot, canadians vs americans, I wonder if he ever got the stain from my atomic meatball out of his shirt.
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