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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I agree, Freeney seems like a significant downgrade from Dumervil. At least Abraham brings something different to the table to compensate.
Freeney has some injury issues year before last and was stuck as a 3-4 LB last year which was never his gig... He'll be much more like his old self in our system with Von and a stout interior line around him.

For sure opposing Offenses will have to account for him on all passing downs .. same as they would Abraham, so in either of those two cases, we dont lose a whole lot as far as keeping Von wheeling free along the line.

If either one can give 10 sacks with opposing offenses so worried about Von and having Knighton and Wolfe crashing in from the middle and left side respectively while Vickerson holds his end of the bargain, there will be plenty more opportunities for wrecking serious QB havoc from either of these guys through this coming season even if not so many sacks.

Wished Doom would straighten up and fly right, but if he is gonna pout and play butt hurt this season they forget it and move on already. Its not that big a drop off at all with Von and this building defense with either of these two seasoned vet pass rushers filling Dooms role. both of which are better against the run than Doom.

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