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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Forget about the guns. Canadians have a lot of guns, per capita. It's the rate of violence. Why are Americans so prone to violence? That's the question. Watch this, if you can stuff your ideology long enough to learn something from outside the bubble:

Some comments on this: first, if in the USA the cost of health care was lowered then more people could afford it. This does not mean government involvement, it means breaking up the cartel, allowing the health insurance companies to sell health insurance across state lines, bringing down the cost. Why doesn't the governement first do this instead of obamacare?

Secondly, countries like Japan are very homogenous, that is, everyone looks and acts just like everyone else. You don't see a lot of influx of other races into Japan. Not so in the USA, we are dealing with a very diverse culture. The social welfare state via income redistribution has already failed miserably in the inner cities with minorities. So it's not just as simple as income redistribution.

Also, I'm guessing in countries like Japan, the nuclear family is very healthy, and there is a father in most of the households. IMHO, if you want to look at the breakdown in the USA it's a breakdown of the family unit with one wife ande one husband and the husband staying home helping raise the kids. Until this issue is addressed, especially in the USA, none of what the above video suggests will make any difference IMHO.
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