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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
AP carried the Vikings to the playoffs last year and I think if he was cut like Doom was this off-season teams would have been tripping all over themselves to land him.

The point here is most posters kept saying Doom was worth his contract and we are retarded to think he wouldn't get more then the others out there on the market. Now we are finding out is he might not even be worth the offer he was minutes away from getting. Why do you think that is? We have paid him a TON along with Champ and the team gain has been far less then what we have paid for don't you think?
So you are saying the defending MVP would get a bigger contract than a guy who has 11.5 sacks? I think you might be right about that, but then it proves my points, Peterson has won the exact same number of playoff games that Dumervil has, 1, he has played in 1 more playoff game than Dumervil has. So by your logic they should be worth the same since the teams they have played on have not been very good nor successful. But you just argued that Adrian Peterson would probably be a much hotter commodity on the free agent market.

Right now we are not finding out anything, you are making the assumption that the fact that he hasn't signed yet in what by all accounts have been the slowest free agency period on record is proof that he won't get a big contract.

By that account we have paid 120 million dollars for nothing last year, we didn't win and we had a cap hit of 120 million, that was wasted. In fact all the money we have paid since 1998 has been wasted completely. But I bet you that Bowlen has made more money from having a team and spending 100 million on salaries than if he didn't have a team.

What do you think a player is worth? Avril got 7.5 million per year, for a guy who in his best season had 11 sacks (the same incidentally that Dumervil had last year which was far from his best). Mario Williams got more than that even though he hasn't 11 sacks in a year in the last 4 seasons. Is 8 million too much for a guy who has more sacks than Avril and Williams?

Let us see how much he signs for and then evaluate how good or bad the 8 million dollar offer was.
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