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Way too finnicky of a rule. The problem is it's gonna be another judgment call. I see runningbacks slip up and dive for extra yardage all the time heading outside the tacklebox. Let's take Tebow vs. Revis awhile back. What is going to be called when a runner is outside the tacklebox and puts his head down, trying to run for the first down marker? Is that going to be a fifteen yard penalty? Because that play happens at least once a game in the NFL. What about the guys who reel back on hitting too hard, because they think it'll cause a penalty? That's how players get extra yards in the NFL because others are too afraid to hit them in moments like that. I understand the need to protect players, but this is a little whimsical. Judgment calls and rules that are very situational (outside the tackle box) are often the ones that cause problems...
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