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Price I agree with you that losing Doom will be unfortunate and that he'll be a big loss. But you can't really blame the Broncos FO. They understandably weren't willing to pay him $12 million. They tried, reluctantly, to pay him $8 million. He and his agent dragged their feet until the last minute and it didn't get done. Now they can't get $8 million under the cap so they're offering less. Doom and his agent aren't taking it. Could still get done, but not looking good. Nobody else seems to be in a hurry to pay him what he wants, either. The only thing we know for sure is that whoever we end up with it won't cost $12 million (what Doom was supposed to make), and it won't cost $8 million (what they tried to pay him and Doom agreed to before faxgate). Trust in Elway, Fox and Del Rio to make due with what they'll have instead.
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