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Princes of Tara

I hack snot at people who sit in their ivory towers and believe that their way of life is a best fit for everyone. I have generally come to find that people who do that, regardless of how they identify themselves, tend to be some of the most culturally inept and moral bankrupt people on the planet.

I have witnessed it first hand over the past year being back in my homestate that has seen a surprising spike in diversity due to immigrants from the Asian and Hispanic diasporas. I think it is good for the state, especially my hometown that has seen a bigger economic boom due in part to the influx of foreigners here. The icing on the cake is that it is much to the chagrin of conservatives across the board who throw temper tantrums like children and demonize these people for being here.

Who would want to identify themselves with such a "traditional identity, cultural and moral system."? Definitely not me.

And BTW, I anxiously await your successful stories on endeavors in heterosexual parenting, but I'm guessing that you aren't a parent. Once again, sorry to illuminate the reality that homosexual couples can be fantastic parents. I know it goes against your archaic dogma, but sometimes the truth hurts.
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