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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I can think of numerous "liberals" who have been fighting for this as well.
I can't but I salute those who do. I also realize they're in the minority on the left side of the aisle.

I think that most conservatives in regards to social policy fit the dinosaur moniker quite well.
Because you're on the left, and the left generally hack snot at anything that remotely resembles traditional identity, culture, and morals.

Some may be impressed by appeals to novelty, but I am not.

Yet they have me as an uncle and a variety of other male role models who play an integral part of their life foundation. I can't offer much now as we are ~2,000 miles apart, but I think they will be just fine. Before they moved and I moved to opposite sides of the country, I was seeing them as often as I could and sharing good life experiences with them.
Uncles aren't fathers. Black children in fatherless homes have grandmothers and aunts, and you know what? It still isn't helping.

They need their biological parents - both of them.

And yes, slapping equals signs all over doesn't change that.
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