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It gets even better. In their feelgood legislation haste, the NY magazine ban basically outlawed many stock magazine sizes, allowing only magazines that did not even exist for many types of firearms.

The Guvnah is looking to rectify the situation by amending his FU by stipulating that people could own higher cap magazines, they just can't fill them all the way up.

That'll stop the next mass shooting, for sure!

"Well I'd like to kill lots of people, and my magazine holds 15, but Governor Cuomo says I can only put 7 in there, so I better stop at that."

Nanny staters are retards.
The City of Denver is about as stupid. In 1989, they enacted an "assault weapons" ban which by research done by the Independence Institute was nothing but a literal copy and paste of some pathetic law in California - and included the same typos and misspellings.

Even funnier, the list didn't even ban the AK.

Eventually the sad little law was challenged and gutted in court as "unconstitutionally vague" (which is said about Colorado's new magazine limit ban), leaving but a mere husk of this so-called Denver assault weapons ban which is nothing more than a ban on magazines greater than 20 rounds. The "assault weapon" factor comes in if one who possesses a >20 round mag also possesses a rifle to put it in. The two combined are *voila!* an "illegal assault weapon," and the gun is to be confiscated and sold - er - destroyed and the owner given a minimum 10 days/$100.

Just imagine how many people move into Denver with their sporting rifles and have no flipping clue.

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